Development With Modern Frameworks
Why reinvent the wheel when we can use tools that have already been proven to be fast and robust? When those tools don't fit the docket, we're prepared to work without frameworks to create a precision tool for you. By using open source software, we can not only fulfill your requirements but contribute back to the open source community.
Rock Solid Hosting
By using virtual private servers and rock solid battle tested software, we can offer the best performance for your website. We can reduce the overhead of your project by using open source software and philosophies.
Vivid Website Design
We strive to give your customers a great experience. We ensure consistent design across different browsers on a variety of operating systems, phones, tablets and other systems. By using responsive design, we can make your site look good on any viewport.
Active and Responsive Maintenance
By using our services, we make sure that your website is operational and up to date. We also provide phone and email support in case there are any issues that you have.
Ensuring Your Investment
We use revision control and database migration systems to ensure that not only your website, but it's contents, are safe at all times.
Satisfaction Through Continuous Delivery
By using the agile methodology we can provide a minimal viable product for your needs in a fraction of the time your project would usually take. Using small time sprints will ensure we can prioritize the features you desire most, regardless if they change during development. Even if your priorities change, you will always have a deliverable that doesn't require a contract change.
GitHub Tycoon
GitHub Tycoon by Josef Patoprsty & Peter Stanley
Missing Sentinel Software
Missing Sentinel Software by Josef Patoprsty
PSI Disposal Inc
PSI Disposal Inc by Peter Stanley
Samuel Eddy's Artist Website
Samuel Eddy's Artist Website by Josef Patoprsty

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